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Wednesday, July 21, 2004


I'm boring myself with this panic-and-anxiety stuff, and I'm pretty sure I've taken a few of you with me. Onward.

I'm feeling virtuous today. This morning, I posted a bunch of notes on my local Freecycle list, and this afternoon, a nice lady with three children under 5 came by and picked up a pack-n-play, a glide rocker, a push tricycle, an outdoor swing, and a few other things as well. For, you know, FREE. 'Tis nobler, after all. And besides, one of the things I always hate about carting that sort of stuff off to Goodwill or something is that I just never know how it's going to be used and whether it's going to benefit someone directly. And because I'm a pinko commie liberal, I'm also limited in the number of supposed good-deed doers that I'm willing to contribute to, because so many organizations discriminate based on religion or sexuality (coughBoyScoutscough; mutterSalvationArmymutter) and I'd rather put my eye out than give them props for bad behavior.

In any case, today I know I gave stuff to someone who can use it (though I'll admit I didn't ask about her political leanings first...hmmm...) and who will likely pass it on when it's no longer of use to her since, after all, she's a member of the Freecycle community, too. And now my garage is noticeably emptier, which means there's all that much more room for Baroy and me to junk it up. (We're packrats; it's never going to be NEAT in there. But at least the crap smushed into every nook and cranny can be newer crap, or crap we might use again some day, right?)

This is fun stuff. You should do it, too. Let me know if you end up signing up for your local list, OK? Especially if you wind up getting or giving away anything good.

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