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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Can You Help? (#4)

I've explained this concept in the past. This week's edition, however, has only one request for help, and it's for me.

Can you help a mother who's at her wit's end with her adorable, irrascible, emotional, trouble-making kid? The one she's starting to think may actually be unsalvageable? The one she's starting to worry may be The Bad Seed?

For example, today alone we had the I'm-going-to-stand-here-and-eat-this-even-after-you-just-told-me-no defiance (a trip to his room after the forceable removal of said food item from his hand did little or nothing to help), as well as the moment where he walked right past Em and me and out the front door without saying anything--a no-no in its own right--and when we turned our heads to look out the window we saw him pull down his pants and pee against the tree. When asked if he thought that was OK, considering how often I've told him it's not, he replied, "Well, I did it twice already but you didn't see before." And then smirked.

The fact that he's still alive is a testament to my superior willpower, don't you think?

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