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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Why Children Should Be Completely Potty-Trained By Age 4.5

[I don't know why this didn't publish two day ago, when I wrote it, but...]

Background info: N continues to have frequent potty accidents, which is quite frustrating for both Baroy and I. These accidents are so frequent that we often run out of extra clothes for him at his preschool. In fact, this morning, he had an accident on the way to school and had to borrow an entire outfit from the 'extra clothes bin' at school.

Background info part 2: When confronted with evidence of his accidents, N is just as likely to lie baldfacedly about it as he is to own up to it.

Here's what I overheard this evening:

Baroy: N, did you pee-pee in your pants *again*?
N: No, I did not.
Baroy: N, tell me the truth. Did you pee-pee in your pants?
N: NO. I did NOT.
Baroy, gesturing to the obvious wet stain: N! I need you to tell me the truth! Did you pee-pee in your pants?
N: NO!!!
Baroy, trying to keep control of his temper: N! I'm looking right at you, and I can see you've pee-peed in your pants. Why won't you tell me the truth?
N, visibly frustrated and raising his voice: Because THEY'RE NOT MY PANTS!

Final score: N, 1; Baroy, 0.

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