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Friday, January 16, 2004

We Have Testicle!

For all those of you who were staying up nights worrying...coughBambicough...let me put your mind at ease. N's pediatrician found his left one after much smushing and pushing and pinching. (N's only comment: "Ouch!") Baroy is much relieved.

The part I was interested in, you know, the question of my son's actual HEALTH, was equally good news. While the ped thinks he probably does have a small patch of pneumonia in his left lung, right where the ER doc said that it could be argued there was pneumonia, she said he was doing so well that she wasn't going to worry about it. This was said as N was pushing a chair around the examination room so that he could climb up onto the sink, the exam table, the magazine table...and as he was counting from 1 to 13 over and over and over again...and as he was hanging from the doorknob of the room...and as he was insisting on high-fiving the doctor over and over and over...and as he was grabbing her stethescope and listening to the walls with it...you get the idea. Clearly, his doctor has a keen grasp of the obvious.

She did give us a prescription for Zithromax, so that if he starts to run a fever again, or seems to have trouble breathing, or anything like that, we don't have to go through the whole rigamarole one more time. I definitely appreciated *that* bit of thoughtfulness.

I couldn't get over how cheerful N was, after all those hours in doctors' offices and hospitals just two days ago. But Dr. R is just like that. One of the best in the business, in my books. I mean, I take my kids to a hospital MediCal clinic to see her. Not a whole lotta private insurance patients streaming through those doors. But seriously, I wouldn't trade her for anything right now. She's that good.

So that is, hopefully, the final update on the N mini-saga. We now return you to your regularly irregular broadcasts.

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