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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Ssshhhhh....Can You Hear That?

It's the sound of tumbleweeds rolling through my office.

It's Christmas eve, and therefore it's the day where I get to walk the walk after talking the "it's not *my* holiday" talk for the past few months. Everyone in the office wanted the day off to get ready for tonight, and my boss was scrambling to put together a skeleton staff to cover the phones until at least 3 o'clock. Now, I usually only work until 11:30 on Wednesday mornings, and am actually officially beginning to take them off entirely with the book deadlines looming. But I went in to her yesterday and offered to cover the office for the whole day. Because I'm selfless like that. Not to mention always willing to score major suck-up points.

So here I sit, doing absolutely zero work, answering the phones (which have rung all of twice this morning), and sucking down the remains of the bazillion gift baskets we got this year. Life is grand. Hope yours--whatever you're celebrating or doing or not doing--is grand as well.

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