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Friday, September 05, 2003

Two days at home. In a row. During the WEEK. Ahhhhh....Yep, that would explain my silence.

Well, that and the fact that during those two days, I was running my little PTA-board ass around the school so that I didn't have a second to myself to even consider posting. Wednesday I volunteered to do the setup for the teachers' lunch that we sponsor during their prep day, then to help with the setup and t-shirt sales at the kindergarten tea. (So cute! So hard to believe it was only a year ago we went to E's kindergarten tea! She seems so much more grown up now...) I was hauling paper plates and napkins and forks and spoons and cups and platters back and forth and back and forth and...you get the idea. Then yesterday was not only E's first day of first grade, but the PTA's 'howdy coffee,' where all the parents head after dropping off their kids, and where the PTA and the principal give little speeches and the parents sign up for volunteering, etc. Well, I was responsible for buying all the food and drinks and setting it up and selling t-shirts and putting out and then collecting the sign up sheets...not to mention that E was nervous about her first day, and we had to figure out what class she was in (she got a great teacher though...phew!), and I was rushing her around like crazy and we were almost late to her class...Poor kid. I really just about ruined her first day for her. My stress level was through the roof and I'm not good at hiding that.

But we survived. The big lesson of the day, though...Never put someone in charge of a howdy coffee who doesn't drink coffee. Because if you do, you're going to find yourself going up to her and saying things like, "Um, do you guys have any creamers or milk or something like that?" and her realizing that she hadn't even THOUGHT about getting that sort of stuff. (Luckily, the school cafeteria had cream and saved my sorry butt...)

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