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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Snuggly Update

Snuggy-bug (yes, we call him that; yes, it's cloyingly annoying; no, I don't care that you're gagging now) came home yesterday evening from his tour of area veterinary hospitals. He's on antibiotcs and a high dose of steroids, and is still relatively low energy compared to pre-whatever-this-is Snug, but much better than two-days-ago Snug.

Problem is, his platelet counts are still low, even after a few doses of antibiotics. The vet had hoped to see them come back up a bit by now, but they haven't. So it may not even BE from a tick bite. The symptomology is classic tick disease (fever, body aches, etc., along with the platelet thing), but his blood work keeps refusing to admit to any tick problem, and the platelets aren't bouncing back the way they should from the antibiotics. The other vet at the hospital--our friend Kim, who lives down the block and is the mother of one of Em's best friends, but who doesn't work the first half of the week and so hasn't been Snug's doctor these past few days--says we may never know what caused it, and that it really doesn't matter, so long as it eventually goes away. So, keep your fingers crossed, and send platelet-regenerating thoughts our way.

(FYI, that green bandage on his front right leg is just from where his IV was. Because of the clotting problem, they didn't want it left open to the air so that he can lick it and get it started seeping blood again.)

Oh, and on an entirely different note, say happy birthday to my baby sister, who turned 40 today, and whose response to my call to wish her a happy birthday was, "Oh, god, I thought you were calling to tell me daddy had died." That's what our lives are like right now...right there.

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