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Monday, January 31, 2005

Treasure Chest Cake

Treasure Chest Cake
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I don't normally do this. Yeah, I once tried to make a castle cake for Em's princess party, but it wasn't as impressive as I'd hoped, though the blue jello "moat" with the graham cracker "bridge" was pretty cool.

This time, N's fourth birthday with the requested pirate theme, I was all set to do my usual ice-cream-photo-cake-from-Baskin-Robbins thing when my friend Deb sent me some link from Family Fun showing this totally cool-looking treasure chest cake. And after I finished cursing at her and muttering to myself about increased medication dosages and how clearly Martha's jail sentence hasn't convinced ANYONE that this sort of thing is just an entree to a life of crime, I decided I simply HAD to make it. And so, make it I did. And dayum. It came out so great! I just couldn't stop gazing at it, and even Baroy was totally impressed. (Cakes don't impress Baroy, who is Body Dysmorphic Man and pretends not to like or even eat things like cake. Except he loves cake. And he later complained about not getting a piece of this one. Serves him belatedly right.)

So, if all works well and this flickr thing does what it's supposed to do, somewhere here in this entry, I'm guessing right below these words, is N's (but really my) pirate treasure cake. Ta dah!

(Oh, yeah. And the party went well, too. I assume the kids had fun, but who knows? I was much too busy talking to my friends and pointing out the splendor that was the treasure chest cake to pay much attention to them...)

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