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Friday, August 22, 2003

Should I explain the title of this blog?

A lifetime and a half ago, my now-brother-in-law and then-just-really-good-friend and I worked at the same magazine. We had this rudimentary "email" system where you could send messages of less than 36 characters from one person in the office to the other. He and I would use it constantly. One day, at the bottom of my screen, came the message, "Tiny Coconut! Come quick!" And so I went. J always laughs when he recalls seeing me standing in his office door, a bemused look on my face. "Why did you call me tiny coconut?" I asked. And as he burst into laughter, he picked up...yep...a miniature coconut that his wife, a food editor at another magazine, had given him.

He's called me Tiny Coconut--or TC, for short--ever since.

It's a whole new me, doing a whole new thing the old me just couldn't get organized enough for. Let's see where this takes me.

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